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This site is devoted to everything, that is connected with nepoznannym: newcomers, UFO, the paranormal phenomena, superabilities, the Universe, Outlook, supernatural, Extraterrestrial Civilizations, the superperson, the parallel worlds, Space, the Universe, the Earth, discoveries and achievements, an information field and many other things… And also on a site are the additional information and useful references(links) to different themes. Through a sitemap, there is an access to the basic pages of a site. Русский Русская версия English English version

This uniform, convenient and accessible information space for concentration of works of enthusiasts, researchers, professionals, experts(auditeurs) on different questions in the field of nepoznannogo, the sciences, alternative sciences.

This place of a meeting of those who wishes poznat nepoznannoe  to find adherents, to exchange experience and the helpful information.

The inquisitive human reason always aspired to find "key" from "door" of the leader in the so-called paranormal world – the world nepoznannogo. And that it(he) really exists, does not cause doubts in many, and first of all at those who there has already visited.

But it is quite probable, that you do not wish to be limited only to the information on a theme nepoznannogo and paranormal, received from others, and wish personally poznat nepoznannoe. For the beginning try to answer such question unequivocally: whether you are ready to it(this)? Whether you are ready poznat nepoznannoe?! First of all we shall mention(touch) the is emotional-psychological party(side) of this process. As it is easy to guess, any contact with novel, with nepoznannym, that is considered to be other-wordly for human reason, can leave indelible consequences – in particular, it is essential to affect(influence) psychology of the person, cardinally to change its(his) outlook and all further life.

And detection of a reasonable life there, among stars, will change all: philosophy, a science, religion... Also will make us, than people is more modest. We shall understand, that besides us in the Universe there are also other forms of a life.

The main thing – conviction in real existence of the paranormal phenomena, and essential reduction, if not full disposal of own fear before a meeting with the paranormal phenomena which sooner or later inevitably takes place. It is thought, for the sake of it(this) it is possible to risk and, having rejected opinions of superstitious "well-wishers" and sceptics to step towards to novel. Poznav trues (and we hope what exactly so finally and will be), you, will be the same as also we, to live, with a smile (but not with pity, in fact how to be spoken – to everyone the) to look at those who exists in this world, not understanding the present(true) applicability.

So, if you are ready to plunge into the world nepoznannogo and paranormal can safely familiarize with the information given on a site and to define(determine) the attitude(relation) to it(her), finally to prepare yourselves for the future meeting with the paranormal phenomena. If are not ready, can leave. A choice for you! And what motivation? What for, actually, to try to pry into business(affairs) of other world, the world paranormal which part the human flesh and blood, as is known, is not and in which existence of very few people trusts? Or secret knowledge are accessible only selected(elected)? Each of you though time, but asked to itself these questions. Before to pass to concrete actions, think still time above that, what for it is necessary for you. What it is idle interest or behind it(this) there is something another? To what you aspire, what ultimate goal? Much will depend on your answer! The person for that also comes to this world, that most here to understand that is kindly and angrily, that there is a truth and that lie to stumble, fall and, having healed wounds, again to rise and go to the purpose further. Secret knowledge at all are not «secrets for family press(seals)». «Having ears yes will hear, having eyes yes will see». Wishing to reach(achieve) result, will reach(achieve) it(him)! But nothing will turn out if to be engaged a similar sort in activity simply so, with boredom, or, than that is worse, on compulsion. However, we are glad to everyone who has come on this site, whether it be the person interested or the sceptic. The main thing – a choice for you. Will not believe – it is a pity, but to overpersuade in our plans does not enter. So, someone will simply fluently run on pages of this site, and someone vserez will plunge into the world of the paranormal phenomena. We not in which measure do not demand, that you unconditionally trusted in everything about what it is spoken on pages of this site. For certain many will have a desire to find real proofs, the facts, photos. And certainly, we do not advertise(promote) only one paid services (ufologists, psychics, magicians, etc.), As it do(make) on some sites. As wishing to adjust the business in this area always was enough. Very much we hope that having familiarized with the information on a site, in the future you will concern more cautiously to any sort to applications(statements) and services of some "experts" and the charlatans loving(liking) for a certain payment to show on public of any sort focuses, "cheap" effects and so forth. Be guided mainly by own feelings and sensations, develop intuition.

You should be convinced of a reality of existence supernatural and to understand for what it to you it is necessary. We hope, that all aforesaid is apprehended with understanding, and if so, that, as they say, in a kind way.

Your offers, questions and wishes can send by mail, on a forum or in guest.

The site is created: 19.12.2005.
Nepoznannoe  Russia  Ekaterinburg
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